Sunday, December 6, 2015

Book 3 in the Joshua series. Soon to be released.

A few days ago I was challenged to share 7 lines from my current WIP. This is from book 3 in the Joshua series:

“So far this person hasn’t said they want anything from Joshua. Usually when you get letters saying someone knows something about you, they want something in return for not spilling what they know. Don’t be shocked if you do get a letter demanding something.” Tim reached down and rubbed Michael’s arm. “Mikey, no threats have been made so at this point I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If anything else comes, let me know. Okay?”
Michael nodded, but his nerves were still on edge. He wanted to protect Joshua, but there wasn’t anything he could do. “Thanks, Tim. I appreciate your help with this.”
“Anytime. Speaking of time, we should both head home.” Tim winked then left Michael’s office. 
When Michael got in his car his phone rang, it was Joshua. Michael pushed the button on his car’s touchscreen and Joshua’s voice came through the speakers. “Hey, Michael! How do you feel about going with me to Milan?”
Michael perked up. “Milan? Hell, I’d go anywhere as long as you were with me.”
“Flirt. The new designer I modeled for is having a big event next week in Milan. Sophia said it’s a must attend event. They actually have a villa we will be staying at. I have to show you the pictures when you get home.” Joshua sounded excited. This is just what he needs to get his mind off of those letters.
“I’m on my way home now so I’ll see you in a few.”

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